We help our members become better informed and more confident so that they are positioned to win both the physical fight and the legal fight.

The responsibility of protecting yourself and your family falls on you.  At times, this fact is at odds with existing State law, often times, protecting the criminal in lieu of the law abiding citizen.  I strongly believe in the natural right to self-defense.  Having the resources behind you to properly defend your Freedom after a lethal self-defense situation is the only option.

-Chris Brien, Founder

The Supreme Court has ruled clearly that the police have no duty to protect the public.  Our Government was not instituted to “keep us safe” as it relates to self-defense and as a responsible gun owners, you should have peace of mind regarding the protection of your Freedom, your firearms and equipment without worry.

At 2A Shield, we get it.

As strong Second Amendment supporters, we know what it’s like to watch in disbelief as politicians, anti-gun groups and their media attempt to strip away our freedoms, which is why we founded 2A Shield. We help responsible firearm owners like you protect their Freedom and  equipment.

We are committed to helping you get the confidence and protection you need so you can stop feeling at risk. The process is simple — choose your protection level, join our confidential membership program and get protected and be prepared.

Once you’ve joined 2A Shield, you’ll have taken the first step to protect your Freedom, firearms and equipment from worse-case scenarios.

 As a responsible firearms owner you deserve peace of mind. 2A Shield protects your Freedom, firearms and equipment so you can protect yourself and your family.