Armed robbers bust into Los Angeles holiday house party


Armed robbers bust into Los Angeles holiday house party.  A pair of robbers busted into a holiday house party in Los Angeles on December 3rd, where they stole jewelry, phones and a watch from partying guests.

Two guests went inside the residence to get their purses Friday night and were confronted by armed assailants who swiped jewelry, iPhones and an Apple Watch from two women and fled.

One of the homeowners tried to contact LAPD several times to give investigators security footage showing the suspects walking through a front door.  So far he has been unable to reach department officials.

The homeowner told the newspaper that “A detective was supposed to call the women who were robbed, but that hasn’t happened yet either.”

To date, robberies are up in Los Angeles 3.2 percent in 2021 compared to 2020, but violent crime has significantly increased from 2019 levels — including a 46.7 percent rise in homicides and a 51.4 percent increase in shooting victims, according to police data.

The media likes to run cover for the new LA prosecutor, but it is not a coincidence that after he took office, crime has significantly spiked.  The defund the police movement, release of inmates, $0 bail,  and not prosecuting crimes at all has contributed to the condition of Los Angeles.  Don’t expect crime to slow down either.  Prepare yourself with situational awareness and confrontation management skills.  Arm yourself with a firearm and take self-defense classes.   The police will not come when you call and criminals talk and they watch what is going on.  They are only going to be emboldened and it is only going to get worse for LA residents for the foreseeable future.

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