Can You Be Held Liable If Your Gun Gets Stolen?


Gun ownership requires a high level of responsibility that many people don’t take seriously. Whether you own a single gun or multiple guns, storing them safely, securely, and out of plain sight are some of the basic things you should do to keep yourself and others safe. You should also consider purchasing a firearm insurance policy to further protect you from any criminal litigation. 

Losing your firearm or having it stolen is devastating enough, but you also don’t want to be held liable for any crimes that might be committed with your stolen gun. In this article, we explain some of the basics every gun owner should know about lost or stolen firearms and what liability you might have in different situations.

1. Stolen vs. Lost Firearms

Most of the time the law does not distinguish any difference between stolen or lost firearms. Whether you left your gun behind at a gun range or it was stolen from your home, the main thing to remember is to report it to the appropriate authorities immediately upon noticing the gun is missing. When your gun is lost or stolen, reporting it to authorities as soon as possible could prevent a crime from happening and keep you safe from a false allegation. Many times, crimes are committed with firearms that were once purchased legally then lost or stolen and sold to someone else illegally. 

2. Can You Be Held Liable If Your Stolen Gun Is Used In A Crime?

In some states, gun owners have 24 hours to report a lost or stolen gun once they realize it is missing. When you report this information to the police, and your gun is used in a crime, they won’t hold you liable for any damages since you properly reported it as missing. However, if you do not report the gun as being lost or stolen, you could be held liable for certain damages that resulted from the crime committed even though you had nothing to do with it. It’s not enough to simply contact your firearm insurance company when you lose your gun or notice it has been stolen. Check your local laws to make sure you know the laws. 

NOTE: Your firearm equipment insurance will reimburse you in most cases for the cost of replacing a lost or stolen gun, but it won’t protect you from any legal concerns you could face by not reporting your missing gun.



3. Is Firearm Theft Insurance Beneficial?

Losing a gun or having it stolen is a feeling no gun owner wants to experience. Having gun theft insurance can give you additional peace of mind knowing you won’t be held civilly liable for any damages that occurred resulting from a crime using your stolen gun. Relying simply on your homeowner’s insurance to protect you in these situations is not ideal since most companies only see guns as personal property. Not only do you want your gun insurance policy to reimburse you for the cost of the gun, but you also want it to protect you from any legal liability. Talk to a reputable gun protection insurance company about the cost of their firearm insurance policies and see how reasonable the price is to have ultimate peace of mind.

Whether you’re looking to protect yourself from being held liable for damages from a crime, want firearm natural disaster insurance, or just want to protect your guns as much as possible, 2A Shield is here for you. Our confidential firearm equipment benefits program cover you in many more ways than standard homeowners insurance policies so you can have true peace of mind. Even people who take responsibility for their guns and store them securely can encounter a situation with a lost or stolen gun, so contact us today to learn how additional insurance for your guns can protect you.


Chris Brien

By Chris Brien
Chris is the founder of 2A Shield who believes you must protect the firearms and equipment that protects you, your family and the Second Amendment. 




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