Concealed Carry License Holder Shoots and Kills Robber


Concealed Carry License Holder Shoots and Kills Robber in Chicago

This attempted robbery happened in broad daylight, but luckily, the victim got the upper hand and lived to see another day.


A 77-year-old retired firefighter concealed carry license holder kills robber in Chicago.  He was in his garage this past Saturday with the garage door open. His garage opens up to an alleyway with houses on the other side. Around 12:20 PM, a car pulled up to the garage, and an armed man got out. He attempted to rob the victim, demanding his property.

Concealed Carry

But this retired firefighter wasn’t having it. He had a valid Concealed Carry License and FOID Card. He also had his concealed carry gun on him. The man drew his gun and fired at the armed suspect, hitting him in the head and chest. The suspect died on the scene.

The 77-year-old man was not injured during the incident. Reports say that two firearms were recovered at the scene, and it is still under investigation. I would assume that the two firearms are the victim and the suspect’s guns. This is why I like to have a backup gun set up exactly like my primary carry gun. If a gun were to be confiscated after a self-defense shooting, you’d still have the same setup until you get it back.

There have been no criminal charges announced, however, we would anticipate there being a civil case filed against the man.  As a concealed carry license holder kills robber in Chicago he clearly defended himself properly and legally, this does not stop the fact that anyone can sue anybody for any reason and you can be sure there will be a lawyer somewhere that convinces the family to pursue a wrongful death or pain and suffering claim.

Firearm Insurance 

It is important to make sure you and your family are not only physically protected, but financially protected as well.  This story shines light on an example where most people would believe that their homeowners insurance would cover a self-defense incident.  Almost every time that is not the case.  Protect your financial freedom with a self-defense protection plan today.

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