Does Renters Insurance Cover Firearms?


Whether you’re living in an apartment or renting a house, you need to have adequate renter’s insurance. The hard part about this is understanding exactly what your renter’s insurance covers so you know what is protected. You need to ensure your most valuable possessions are covered in case they get lost, damaged, destroyed, or stolen. This is especially true when it comes to firearms. Buying the right gun theft insurance is essential to give you peace of mind knowing you’re protected if the unexpected occurs. Renter’s insurance often does not cover you to the extent needed, and we’ve explained this more for you here.

Every Renter’s Insurance Policy Is Different

Your renter’s insurance policy might indicate that it covers firearms, but it is likely lumped under the personal property category and might even be capped. Every renter’s insurance policy has different clauses so it’s critical to ask your agent about different scenarios that could happen so you can have a clear answer. You might be able to increase your sub-limits to ensure you get reimbursed for the full value of your firearms, but that might not necessarily reduce your liability. Most renter’s insurance companies simply won’t offer all the coverage you need as a gun owner, so it’s worth pursuing alternative gun insurance options to protect your firearms separately.

Why Your Renter’s Insurance Policy Likely Isn’t Enough

It’s vital to look at your renter’s insurance policy closely to ensure you’re covered. When you look at the fine print, chances are you’ll notice the coverage isn’t as good as you thought. When it comes to firearm insurance, it’s usually best to purchase a separate policy that specifically protects you and your firearms. 

Have Peace Of Mind With Additional Gun Theft Insurance

The best way to have peace of mind as a gun owner is to have proper firearm theft insurance. Your renter’s insurance policy might seem like it covers you on the surface, but the last thing you want is to find out you aren’t covered as much as you thought when you go to make a claim. Gun protection insurance pays for itself when you consider how much more comfortable you can feel knowing you’re fully protected. It might not be your first thought to purchase additional equipment insurance, but when you consider what could happen in a worst-case scenario, the cost of insurance doesn’t even compare.

When you purchase the appropriate gun theft insurance and follow protocols for reporting stolen guns, you’ll not only be protected financially, but legally as well. 2A Shield offers different levels of membership to ensure you can feel as safe and secure as possible about being a gun owner. Our firearm insurance policies are designed with you in mind so you can purchase the insurance you need based on the value of your gun collection. 

Whether you own a single gun for personal defense or if you have a collection of guns, we have a level of coverage suitable for you. From firearm natural disaster insurance to covering your guns in the event of theft, damage, or even government confiscation, you can rest easy when you have firearm equipment insurance through 2A Shield. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to learn more about our programs and how we can help you achieve peace of mind with your firearms.


Chris Brien

By Chris Brien
Chris is the founder of 2A Shield who believes you must protect the firearms and equipment that protects you, your family and the second amendment.   




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