Reporter: Don’t Blame Defunded Police, Social Justice Prosecutors, or Bail Reform for the Crime Surge, Blame the NRA


Here we go again.  More fear mongering regarding Concealed Carry .  Just blame the NRA.

The poll results don’t lie.

Here is a quote from the article.

We’re not in a position of rising gun crime because of Democratic policies or a liberal agenda. Cops aren’t facing more dangerous situations because libs wanted more accountability and body cams.

We’re in this predicament – one in which you can literally sit on a porch in Montgomery and hear semi-automatic gunfire for hours on end every night – because Republicans for years allowed NRA lawyers and lobbyists to write legislation. They pushed it and pushed it and pushed it, allowing good regulations to die and opening the floodgates for weapons.

And that’s exactly what happened. Our streets have been flooded with cheap, easily accessible firearms, including a seemingly endless number of assault weapons, and they have become the tool of choice for anyone in an argument.

People are dying by the truckload because of it.

Let’s make 2022 a great year America.  21 States have passed Constitutional Carry, don’t stop now.

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