Everyone should own a gun for self-defense


Everyone should own a gun for self-defense and when you’re in fear for your life, the best way to protect yourself is with a gun.

You will never know when you will be attacked. Some people think that they are safe from criminals because their neighborhood is safe. Unfortunately, there are no safe places anymore as crimes can happen anywhere.

But just owning a gun isn’t enough. Owning a firearm is a serious responsibility. It’s one that requires some forethought and preparation — even if you’re only using it for self-defense.

Here are five things to think about before you buy a gun:

1. What are the laws where I live?

2. How will I conceal my firearm?

3. Where will I carry my gun?

4. Where will I store my gun when I’m not carrying it?

5. If I ever have to use a gun, will I be prepared to deal with potential legal consequences?

Guns are tools. They’re not inherently good or evil. They’re simply a way to solve problems.

The problem they most efficiently solve is the one where someone wants to kill, maim, or otherwise violently harm you or someone you love.

Guns are the only tools we have at our disposal that can level the playing field between an attacker and a victim of an attack. If a knife-wielding assailant rushes at you on the street, your only chance of survival is to either run away and hope he’s not faster than you.

If you have a gun, even a small handgun, you can stop him in his tracks with one shot from 15 feet away. No matter how big and strong he is, he’s no match for a well placed bullet.

The chances of being attacked are slim — thankfully. But when it does happen, it happens quickly and without warning. You need to be able to defend yourself quickly and effectively in those situations. And a gun is the best tool for the job.  Everyone should own a gun for self-defense.

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