Family Man Shoots Armed Robber


Another Concealed Carry gun owner was involved in a self-defense situation.  This situation shows the importance of self-defense training and situational awareness and decision making in a life or death situation.  Also, he seemed to handle the aftermath correctly.

Here is the breakdown:

The 37-year-old was eating lunch in his car with his girlfriend and her 16-year-old child in the Walmart parking lot at 1600 E. Chestnut Ave. before going grocery shopping. At just after 4 p.m., someone reportedly got out of a car parked behind them, opened the family’s car door and at that point, he was demanding money and then he was demanding they get out of their vehicle.  The 37-year-old driver produced his own firearm during the altercation, shot the unknown man multiple times and left the scene. He took his family to the nearby Target parking lot, called 911 to report the incident and waited for police to arrive.

Yakima Police declined to arrest a 37-year-old man accused of shooting another man in a Walmart parking lot Thursday after he told investigators he was defending himself and his family during an attempted robbery.

“We have discussed this with the prosecutors but we’re still too early in the investigation to have made a full decision on whether or not charges will be filed,” Lancaster said. “Sometimes these things take a while and with the self defense claims, we’re going to have to do a lot more investigating.”

“At this point, we’re leaning towards this being a self-defense type of incident,” Sgt. Jake Lancaster said.

The last part of the article demonstrates the importance of being educated on your states self-defense laws.  Of course, Washington does not allow its residents to have concealed carry insurance, but if you live in another state, I highly recommend becoming a member of a concealed carry insurance company.

Here are a few to consider:



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