Frequently Asked Questions

2A Shield is a membership organization, not an insurance company and we do not seek repayment of recoupment of any expense.

Maybe...  Your homeowners insurance most likely will cover up to $1,000 in value, but what is your deductible?  Most are higher than $1,000 so why file a claim and potentially be placed into the high risk category? 


A personal rider through your insurance company may cover the theft of your firearms and equipment, but do you want to give all of your ownership data, including serial numbers, to  your insurance company when they do not share the same 2nd Amendment values as you do?


Also, did you know that all of the major insurance companies have donated to politicians that want to restrict or eliminate your 2nd amendment rights?  


It's time to support companies that support your right to keep and bear arms.

Yes.  While 2A Shield can refer you to an experienced attorney, we encourage your to make contact with a few local Self-Defense lawyers.  Preparation is always the best choice.  

Yes!  2A Shield members are covered for any self-defense use of force.  Firearms, bare hands or any other weapon.

We do not offer memberships in Washington, New York or New Jersey. Each state has their own version of laws prohibiting the exact protection that 2A Shield offers.

No.  Your auto insurance does not cover stolen private property.  You are exposed for anything left in your vehicle that is not an aftermarket bolt on and scheduled.

If you own a firearm, this program is for you!  If you are a supporter of the Second Amendment and one's right to self-defense, then it's for you. We have members that participate at all levels including collectors with tens of thousands of dollars in firearms and equipment.

YES!  This is the "get out of jail" card for insurance companies.  If there is no sign of a break in, the assumption is that the car was unlocked and a property rider will not cover your stolen property.

YES!  There is not one company out there that will cover damage to your 2A firearms and accessories.  2A Shield works with its Silver & Gold members to repair or replace their protected firearms and equipment. 

YES!  In the event of government confiscation, 2A Shield works with its members to reimburse or replace any items confiscated through government action.  The most obvious would be EROP of “red flag” confiscation.  Less known forms of government confiscation are firearms seized as a result of a domestic dispute, potential criminal charges, or accidentally forgetting to remove a firearm from your bags before you go through airport security (yes, my range bag also doubles as a carry-on).  Of course, the main fear is the federal government confiscating firearms as a result of a change in the laws of this country.  Either way, we replace what we can, and if it’s not possible due to a restriction on an individual, we offer payment based on the market value of the firearms. 

Nope! If you're just getting started, we want to help educate you and train your skills. You'll learn a ton about firearm best practices, terminology, and self defense.

We have three membership options available.  Memberships are $19/month for bronze, $39/month for the Silver and $59/month for the Gold Membership. You choose. You can always upgrade or downgrade at anytime.

Right away!  Once the membership application is completed and you sign up, you are covered.

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