Democrats: Gun Control Either Makes No Difference or Actually Makes Matters Worse


It appears as though Democrats are wising up to that fact.

Democrats surveyed in a Trafalgar Group poll, by a more than two-to-one margin, say gun control either makes no difference or actually makes matters worse when it comes to big city crime.

Gun owners have long known that gun control only disarms victims, not criminals.

Those results, of course, don’t fit with the mainstream media’s prevailing narrative, so you won’t see stories about the poll in the New York Times or on MSNBC.

From the poll:

A Trafalgar Group poll of likely general election voters from the Democrat Party shows a majority of respondents believe “the strict gun laws in most major cities” do not in any way curb the “current retail crime surge.”

The Trafalgar poll was conducted December 17, 2021, through December 22, 2021.

The poll showed that 47.1 percent of all respondents believe the gun controls make “no difference,” and 37.3 percent believe the laws actually make the crime spree “worse.”

When broken down by parties, 53.8 of Democrat respondents said the gun controls make “no difference” in the crime spree, while 16.1 percent said the controls actually make it “worse.”

If polled, I wonder what they would be saying about concealed carry?  Maybe they would support National Concealed Carry.  Doubt it.

Read the Group Poll


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