Man sentenced to life for Royal Palm Beach home invasion turned murder


Man sentenced to life for Royal Palm Beach home invasion turned murder

A 23-year-old Royal Palm Beach man will spend the rest of his life in prison after a jury found him guilty of shooting and killing a guy throughout a home invasion.

A Palm Beach County found Javier Medina Tamayo guilty of first-degree murder after a week-long trial for the 2019 killing. Circuit Judge Daliah Wiess sentenced Medina Friday.

Medina shot his gun through the sliding glass door of a home near Southern Boulevard and Royal Palm Beach Boulevard, hitting a Enrique Blanco in the chest. Medina then broke through the entranceway and held the man’s fiance at gunpoint. She begged for life and ran through the front door.

Medina then stole two gold bracelets off the dying man and ran to his bicycle outside. As he rode away he heard a neighbor yell at him.  Medina turned around and fired at the person, a bullet grazed his leg and he ducked for cover. The neighbor then fired back, hitting Medina.

Palm Beach Sheriff deputies found Medina lying on the pavement near his bike with multiple gunshot wounds. He was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital in West Palm Beach.

At the hospital Medina denied shooting Blanco but did admit that the gun was his. Police found Blanco’s two bracelets in Medina’s pants pockets at a healthcare facility.

Medina told police he was friends with two men that lived within an efficiency next to the victim’s house and would go over and hand out occasionally.   The jury also found Medina guilty of burglary, robbery and attempted first-degree murder.

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