Self-Defense Liability Insurance

Why Add Self-Defense Liability Insurance?

Self-defense liability insurance is a form of low-cost coverage that provides legal protection if you ever have to protect your life or the life of your loved ones in a self-defense situation. 

As we see crime increasing and self-defense stories in the news, more people are beginning to carry firearms to keep themselves and their families safe and an increasing number of gun owners are considering joining programs like 2A Shield.

Self-Defense liability insurance is a smart decision for a number of reasons and owning a gun can come with unforeseen accidents or injuries. If you carry a gun, you never know when you might come across an incident where you have to use your firearm for personal defense, and if you think that you can defend yourself nowadays and experience no implications, then you might be unprepared. 

Implications to consider that come from a self-defense shooting can include:

  • Expense of posting bail bonds to stay out of prison as your case unfolds
  • Building your case with a criminal defense attorney
  • Loss of income due to the potential for incarceration and the inability to work
  • Numerous court appearances
  • Prohibitive costs associated with retaining legal services
  • Civil litigation leading to an unfavorable judgment resulting in thousands of dollars in damages

And of course, figuring out how you’re going to pay for all of this while also trying to put food on the table. 

By joining 2A Shield, you’re provided with a personal self-defense liability protection program that affords you the following protections and benefits:

  • Criminal & Civil Defense Costs
  • Bail & Bond Costs
  • Clean up and Confiscation
  • Firearm Theft from your home and auto
  • Other fees 

Most importantly, 2A Shield does not have a clawback clause like all of the other self-defense liability companies on the market.  

Clawback means that if you use their services you run the risk of being sued by them if they pay any expenses.

We urge you to do your own research, explore your options and make an educated decision for what works for you and your family.  

If you’re ready to join 2A Shield now, let’s get started!

Criminal/Civil Defense Protection

Unlimited resources to protect your Freedom.  We offer the best, total protection program in the industry. 

No Clawback,

Unlike other self-defense insurance programs, 2A Shield offers its members a “No Claw Back” Guarantee 

All Legal Weapons Covered

No matter what legal weapon you use to defend yourself, you’re protected.

Firearm Property Protection

The ONLY protection available that protects your firearms from theft, loss, damage or govt. confiscation.

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