Top 3 Tips to Secure Your Neighborhood


Top 3 Tips to Secure Your Neighborhood

If you were born before 1985, then you remember a time when your curfew was” when the street lights come on.”  As kids, we rode our bikes all over town, walked to school, and were able to go out and be children.  When I was a kid, after breakfast, I was out of the house on my bike all day, completely unsupervised and dirty.  It still blows me away to think that my parents had absolutely no way of knowing where I was or how to get in contact with me.  I was happy. The the worst thing we had to worry about was if someone in town saw us doing something and told our parents.

Time were different and people cared about their neighbors and their neighborhood.

Even in small towns, human trafficking is becoming a problem. Drugs are everywhere, destroying families and increasing crime.

How do we make our neighborhoods safer? How do we protect our kids? The answer is not just law enforcement, although that is an important part. It’s the neighborhood itself. It’s you.  Let’s look at out top 3 tips to secure your neighborhood.

1. Get to Know Your Neighbors

In today’s society, it seems easier to turn a blind eye than to take the initiative.  People see the neighbor’s kids out playing in the dark, defenseless targets for a predator, and they jus shrug your shoulders and say to themselves, “none of my business”. You see a strange car driving slowly up and down your street and just go about your day.

Take the first step to find out which of your neighbors is dependable and who might be interested in being part of a neighborhood watch.   A neighborhood watch can help bring families together in addition to reducing the potential for crime in an area.

A neighborhood where residents are situationally aware, work together to identify and mitigate threats, and look out for each other is a stronger and safer.

Start the process by throwing a good old fashioned BBQ for the houses immediately around you.  Talk to your neighbors and find out who they are, what they want, where their heads are.

2. Lighting and Cleanliness

Two things that can affect a neighborhood’s attractiveness to criminals are poor lighting and rundown, dirty streets.  Extra lights turn what could be a crime-ridden area into a well-lit area with no place for criminals to hide.  If you live in an HOA, talk to them about putting up more lights in places like unlit parks and alleys.

If you can take one Saturday a month to clean up the streets, pick up trash, and generally make things look nice that will go a long way in deterring criminal activity.  There are many resources for available for neighborhood beautification.  Criminals are not dumb and they know that a well kept neighborhood is not a place that will allow them to operate.

3. Teach Your Kids About The Real World

As a parent, it hurts my heart that I have to have crucial conversations with my children about the dangers in society.  The spark of innocence in their eyes, not yet tainted by the daily grind, and the knowledge of evil in the world is something to cherish.  That being said, children are more aware than we think and they can learn the basics of situational awareness and to trust their gut instincts.  Teach them to recognize the familiar cars in their neighborhood so they can spot someone that isn’t supposed to be there. Train them to notice the routines so they can understand when something is out of place.  Show them how to check the doors and windows before going to bed, and teach them to pay attention to what’s going on around them.


These skills and others can become routine in your neighborhood.  People that look out for each other, help each other, and take responsibility for the area’s safety will succeed in reducing crime.  Remember, there is always something more you can do, and more to learn.


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