Why You Need Firearm Insurance


The world around us is ever changing, and our ability to adapt and overcome the unknowns is more important now than ever before. We purchase the most reliable gear possible within our budget to handle the potential threats we may face, and train hard to remain ready and vigilant should the time come that we need to protect ourselves, our family or members of our community.   This is why firearms insurance is so important.

As we train to fight and win, what are we doing to protect ourselves and our equipment from some of the same uncertainties we try to prevent?

Firearm insurance will help to alleviate your concerns, and the really good ones will take all of your concerns away and give you peace of mind to focus on what really matters; buying more gear, training to reach your greatest potential, and enjoying life to its fullest.

The need for insurance falls into five main categories:

  • Theft
  • Natural disasters
  • Shipping loss
  • Accidental damage
  • Confiscation


Choosing the right insurance provider for you is very important as not all companies are created equal both in their ability to cover these losses, as well as in their commitment to the 2nd Amendment and the rights that you enjoy under that umbrella.

Most people with a firearm have some level of coverage for the guns that they own. The average person has a small level of coverage under their homeowners or renters policy, but the reality is that this coverage is incredibly limited, usually set at around $500 per incident with a maximum coverage amount of between $2500-5000. Personal articles policies offer greater coverage at an increased price, and allow you to identify each firearm individually, providing serial number, description, purchase information and purchase price. One of the big issues lately is the level to which the bigger insurance companies support the 2nd Amendment and those that value it. There is an increasing trend with big organizations to deny or reduce support to members of the 2A community and the manufacturers and retailers that comprise it. Finding an insurance provider that will protect not only your equipment, but value your rights as well is important for establishing a long-term relationship that you can depend on.

In this article, we give you five reasons every responsible gun owner, protector and second amendment supporter should consider insuring the equipment that protects them.


1. Theft

Firearm Car Theft

Theft is probably the most often considered reason for acquiring insurance. It protects against the unknown and allows you to feel safe and “covered” should this situation ever arise. For most gun owners, the most common place in which gun theft occurs is in the home, followed closely by theft from an automobile. Choosing the best firearm protection to combat this experience requires education on what is covered and to what extent.

2A Shield Story:
“I was on a trip last month to Florida when I had to stop for fuel. I was three steps into the convenience store when I realized I left my firearm in the car when I know damn well, I should have had it on me. Fear crept over me: what if someone stole my firearm? What would I have done? Luckily, I remembered I’m a 2A Shield member. Phew!”
– J. James C. 

2. Natural Disasters

natural disaster firearm insurance

Photo credit: Bay News

The number of natural disasters continues to trend upward as things like wildfires, flooding, and hurricane/ tornado events increase causing a global loss of more than $230 Billion worldwide each year, of which a large percentage of that economic loss is uninsured. It is difficult to plan for unanticipated consequences, yet historical data shows that it is not a matter of “if”, but rather “when” a natural disaster will cause some level of effect on you and your livelihood. Could you afford to replace your collection of firearms, optics, ammo and accessories?


3. Shipping Damage

firearm shipping damage

While less common for individual owners compared to dealers, the truth is that at some point it may become necessary to ship a firearm or optic for use in another location or for gunsmithing or repair. Loss of firearms in transit is a common occurrence, and often carriers will fight all insurance claims and try to under value the item shipped. Much like homeowners insurance, there is often a limit to the total amount covered for a firearm, even when specific insurance is paid for at the time of shipping. I hate the feeling of putting my firearm in the hands of shipping companies who don’t hold my second amendment values.


4. Accidental Damage


firearm damage accident insurance

By a large margin, accidental damage is the greatest cause of loss for personal firearms. Unfortunately, this is also a category not covered by most insurance companies. Finding an firearm insurance provider that is able to take care of things when something goes wrong that is out of your control is commonplace but finding one that protects your firearms and gear when you cause the issue is a completely different level of customer care. These companies are out there and finding one provides you peace of mind that few can offer in protecting your firearm collection.


5. Confiscation

gun confiscation insurance

While historically a low cause of loss, government-initiated confiscation is a very real thing in some states and growing more prevalent each year throughout our country. The creation, and acceptance of Red Flag laws in some states allows the government to remove firearms from a location at the request of an arresting official or judge preemptively without the benefit of a trial. Some states have a mandated waiting period before the firearms must be returned to the owner, however some states allow extensions on an almost indefinite level at the recommendation of someone without the benefit of a trial. Insurance covering this should not even be a consideration for any of us, and yet with increasing frequency, this is a very real situation for some people, and being covered during this difficult time is something that only the best insurance companies offer.

Each of us lives our daily life hoping to never use the equipment or training that we have to protect those we care about. Should that time arise, we owe it to ourselves and our communities to be ready and willing to step up in our time of need. In the same way we train and prepare for these unanticipated moments, we also have to prepare for the unanticipated loss or damage that can occur in training, storage, shipping or just everyday use. Finding the right firearm insurance company to protect your investment can be the most important aspect that decides if life returns to normal after a mishap, or if we spend the rest of our lives wishing we would have prepared better and using the loss of a valued firearm as the reminder of our poor decisions.



Jason Kostal Writer 2A Shield Contributor

By Jason Kostal
Jason is an Army Veteran and freelance writer for Athlon Outdoors and GetZone, a firearms training and industry consultant. For more information or content on exotic boutique firearms follow him on Instagram or Facebook as well as visit his website at legacyarmsintl.com




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