Why Your Firearms Need More Than Homeowners Insurance Coverage


Most homeowners insurance companies aren’t worried about the guns you have, which should be a little concerning for you as a gun owner. The good news is since guns are considered to be personal property, your premiums won’t increase because you own a gun. The bad news is the levels of coverage are typically capped. Having a separate firearm equipment insurance policy is highly recommended to ensure you’re fully reimbursed for your guns if they get lost, stolen, or damaged. Your homeowners insurance policy may not do this for you.

1. Homeowners Insurance Generally Views Firearms As Personal Property

Since your firearms are usually viewed as personal property with homeowners insurance companies, there are sub limits you have to be aware of. This might not be an issue if you only have one or two guns, but if your gun collection is extensive ($2,500 or more), then the coverage provided by your homeowners insurance likely won’t be enough. You could purchase a rider to expand your coverage, but it still might not provide you with the liability protection you need. For many people, it makes more sense to purchase a separate firearm equipment insurance policy to cover all bases.

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2. Additional Gun Insurance Reduces Your Liability

The big thing to understand about firearm equipment insurance is the liability portion of the policy. With homeowners insurance, you will likely be liable for any injuries to members of your household resulting from an intentional or unintentional gun discharge. In these situations, the homeowners insurance usually only covers damage to the home or the surrounding area as a result of the discharge. While it’s ideal to have additional protection, always remember to practice the National Rifle Association’s rules of gun safety by keeping them pointed away from people at all times and locking them up securely when not in use.

Another tricky part about firearm insurance is your liability if you intentionally pull the trigger on someone, like an intruder, to protect your family and your home. Homeowners insurance often does not protect you in these situations, so you could face legal liability as a result. 


3. Eliminate Blurred Lines By Investing In More Gun Protection Insurance

Homeowners insurance policies are difficult to read and understand and you sometimes won’t get straightforward answers from your agent. Owning and using a gun is very serious and accidents can occur when you least expect it. Guns are also a major investment that you want to be protected if an unexpected disaster occurs. That’s why many people opt for buying firearm natural disaster insurance or firearm theft insurance just to have peace of mind knowing they are protected from all angles. Homeowners insurance policies may have some ambiguities that need to go through legal proceedings to determine whether you will be covered. Save yourself some stress and headaches by purchasing a gun theft insurance policy and you can rest easier.

2A Shield offers benefits gun owners can’t get anywhere else. With different levels of membership, you can purchase the gun insurance policy that fits your needs the most without having to spend extra money. Homeowners insurance companies rarely provide the coverage or liability protection you need as a gun owner, so it’s our goal to give you some peace of mind in this regard. You have your guns to protect yourself and your family, and we are here to protect you. If you have any questions about our different levels of coverage or still need convincing that gun insurance is something you need, then contact us today and we would be happy to answer all of your questions.


Chris Brien

By Chris Brien
Chris is the founder of 2A Shield who believes you must protect the firearms and equipment that protects you, your family and the second amendment.   




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