Woman was attacked at Scottsdale trailhead


Woman was attacked at Scottsdale trailhead

Maintaining situational awareness and practicing self-defense may have helped a woman who was attacked at a Scottsdale trailhead.

It was important to highlight this story as violence can happen anywhere at anytime.  Including a hiking trail in a very affluent area of town.  When the story broke the news interviewed a hiker and her response was very interesting to me.  This hiker carries a baton, pepper spray and a knife around her neck.  Unfortunately, and I could be wrong, I don’t believe she has ever practiced with either of those defense weapons or has actually thought about what it would take to have to use those weapons on another human being.   The act of carrying those items makes her “feel” safe and that is enough for her.

A 23-year-old Phoenix man was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman with a baseball bat.

Wesley Tye Abeita has been booked on attempted second degree murder, aggravated assault, vehicle burglary, disorderly conduct and criminal damage.

On Monday, Oct. 11, the man attacked parked vehicles, along with a female victim who was seated in her parked vehicle at Gateway Trailhead, 18333 N. Thompson Peak Parkway.

Witnesses on Oct. 11, attempted to stop the assault by throwing rocks at Abeita but he then turned on them and attacked their vehicle forcing the witnesses to flee for their own safety.

The woman was attacked at Scottsdale trailhead reportedly transported to a local hospital by family with serious injuries.

Abeita was reportedly taken into custody without incident around 8:20 a.m. on Oct. 12.

I also found the fact that there were multiple hikers who attempted to stop the man by throwing rocks at him.  Yes, I said “multiple” meaning more than one.  The man was using baseball bat, not a knife or a gun.  What if the man proceeded to advance toward a child, or beat another woman?  How many of you know how to advance, defend and attack against a baseball bat, a baton or even a machete?  They are all treated as the same type of weapon and the defense is the same.

If you’re not comfortable carrying a firearm or have not trained with one, I would recommend getting used to at least carrying a knife and knowing how to use it in Self-Defense.  Luckily no one else was injured in he attack and the man was taken into custody.


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